Whatever your time or resource limitations, there is bound to be something that I can do for you.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get help, and I provide lots of free or very cheap assistance.

Obviously, the higher price services do include much more assistance from me, which makes life easier, but you can achieve just as much alone with a bit of hard work on your part.

For more detailed info, please check out my website:

Free Stuff

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  • Facebook Fan page.
  • Free Online Course (See other page).
  • Regular Newsletters (sign up for your free Free online course on the RHS).
  • Free Resources on my Website.
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Easily Affordable Stuff

  • Products & ebooks on my website
  • Interactive Webinars/Telesminars
  • Talks (For info sign up to my newsletter)
  • And coming soon (2011) my ‘Mummy Whisperer’ book!

Online Coaching

I have found the most amazing system to deliver my programs to you all.  It’s brilliant for Mums, because it’s so difficult for you to attend workshops, schedule in 1to1’s or invest money on yourselves.

1) Self-Coaching 6 Months Program

I have created a self-coaching program that you can work through on your own.  It could take as little as a month, or as much as 6 months.  But once you have bought a program, it is there for you for life.

There are free Q&A webinars every other month to keep you motivated and answer any questions you have about the material.  Plus there are forums for you to swap experiences with other people who are doing the program.

The program takes you through the ‘Mummy Secrets’ program, and uses Video, Audio, pictures, documents and tonnes of exercises to help you learn in as many ways as possible.  It’s almost like having me there with you 24×7!

Here’s a little video to show you what it will look like (the program shown is the beta version):

2) Group Coaching 3 Months

If you are more ambitious and would like to work through the program with more help, more quickly, then the group program is for you.  The difference is:

  • Special forum just for your group’s members to discuss issues and swap experiences
  • 90min Webinar for each step in the program
  • 90min Focus Clinics (by webinar) to help ensure you get clarity on your values and your identity

3) 1 to 1’s

For more serious problems (e.g. life overhaul, depression, abuse, grief, relationship issues, divorce, work changes) I combine the group coaching with a 1to1 program.  You get everything that is included in the group program, PLUS

  • Online feedback from me within the system for the answers you entered on each module
  • Weekly 15min skype calls to keep you motivated and answer questions
  • 6 1to1’s to tackle the main problem by skype/face to face

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