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If you sign up for my email mailing list (see sidebar), you will get a Free Online Course. Now don’t worry, because I don’t send lots of newsletters, they tend to be every 4-6 weeks (This is different from subscribing to the blog, which is just where wordpress lets you know when I post a new blog).

But there is a big reason why you might want to do it, because you immediately get a great free gift that will be really worth it.  Plus, when I do send my newsletter, there will be regular free or dirt cheap things available.

Heres a video showing what it might look like: 

Values and Identity

The course is all about ‘values’, which are the key to understanding your own identity, and improving your communication within the family.  Thus it helps you to reduce conflict and stress, and look after yourself more. It also means you get to have a look at how I provide my services online.  It’s a fab tool that I found called jigsawbox, which allows me to put information, videos, audios and questions for you to fill out.  It’s so much more interesting, exciting and useful than an ebook or ecourse by email!  When people sign up for my paid for program, they can also choose to get my feedback on the information that they put in, so when they have filled it out, I can then put in comments, and helpful hints, so it is easy to fit into a busy Mum’s life.

Why give free stuff?  For 2 reasons.  Firstly, quite obviously people are not going to want to invest in any of my other services unless they have had an opportunity to ‘try before they buy’ and decide whether they like me or not.  So that’s what I get from it (I’m not interested in using fear/panic based methods to get lots of short term clients, who then don’t like my wares).  Secondly, my aim is to reach AS MANY MUMS AS POSSIBLE, which means at all levels of resource and locations.  Now, it’s harder to do the work yourself, but by providing free stuff like this and my blog, I know that I’ve at least made it possible for you to have a go.

Some More Information about ‘The Power Of Values Intro’

Values are the key to just about EVERYTHING!!  Seriously, I’m not exaggerating, I love values, because they explain sooooo much about human behaviour.  Now, you could be a total people geek like me and study them for years, or you can just use this introductory ebook and audio and apply it to your family and work.

DO YOU FAMILY APPEAR TO IGNORE YOU SOMETIMES?  It might seem as though we all speak english, but believe you me, we are actually all speaking a totally different language, ruled by totally different value systems.  When you understand how values work, you can learn to easily talk in your children’s and partner’s language.  When you speak in their language they will listen to you, when you don’t they won’t.  There’s no point in fighting it, it is the way us humans behave!  So rather than attempting to force them and think that they ‘should’ listen to you, hows about showing them how much you actually care about them, by getting to know them to their core?

IS THERE FREQUENT CONFLICT IN YOUR HOUSE?  When we talk in someone else’s language they open up to us and show interest.  When we don’t they shut down.  So if you would like to learn how to save time, effort and vocal chords, by learning the art of negotiation, where you win, they win, and arguments are massively reduced.  (You don’t want them all gone, because then your children wont be able to handle ‘real life’!).

DON”T UNDERSTAND YOUR FAMILY’s BEHAVIOUR?  So often people at home or work shock us with their behaviour.  But learn their values and they will never shock you again, because you will totally understand what makes them tick.

CAN’T MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO ACHIEVE GOALS?  If you know your values, you can inspire yourself to achieve all those goals that you would love.  Otherwise, you will be constantly deluding yourself, and upsetting yourself by supposedly ‘sabotaging’ your dreams.  (There is no such thing as sabotage, just not understanding yourself).

Please do let me know here what you think about the gift, feedback is always useful.


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