If We Were All Gorgeous, How Boring Would That Be!

It was with great surprise that I realised that deep, deep, deep inside my inner recesses, I had assumed that a world where everyone was beautiful would be great (especially me!), and there was a touch of judgement on people who didn’t ‘make an effort’.  I didn’t know that I thought this until I watched ‘Surrogates’ the other day on DVD (it has Bruce Willis in it, so I had to watch it due to the husband type person I live with).

‘Surrogates’ is all about a world where people can sit at home, and experience world through these perfect looking surrogate bodies – like plastic surgery air brushed.  As the film went on it was actually a relief to see ‘normal’ people, quite a weird feeling.  It shows how horrid and boring it would be if we could all look ‘perfect’.  I’ve often thought that gorgeous people where a little bland; not in character, just in looks (sorry to any really gorgeous people reading this, but your faces tend to be a little ‘samey’).  But this film proved it, because you actually find the big, fat, sweaty geek guy more attractive to look at.

So next time I look in the mirror and squint critically, I can remember that actually it is our imperfections that make the world interesting to look at;  and next time I see a slightly fat, sweaty guy I can think ‘thank god, for that’!  If you ever worry about what you look like at home, in the supermarket, in the school car park or that you generally don’t fit in, watch this film and hopefully you will come away understanding that you really are gorgeous, because if you did ‘fit in’, the world would be a more tedious, boring, stressful (I hate being bored) place.

But don’t worry, gorgeous readers, I’m not suggesting that we would want a world without you either.  It would also be potentially boring if there weren’t any ‘perfect’ people.  Partially, because there’d be no one to lust after in the films, and loads of other reasons that I’m not going to go into today.  Plus, on the days when I think ‘Ok, so I don’t want everyone to be perfect looking, but I could do with being a little more perfect’, it doesn’t take long before the reality kicks in.  I don’t really want to make the extreme effort of living up to other people’s expectations, and I don’t need to worry about losing my looks as I age.  There are loads of things which are a great deal easier and simpler, if you don’t stand out just because of your looks and I do get that.

What do you reckon?  Maybe I don’t appreciate what it would be like if everyone was beautiful, because I wasn’t born with one of those perfectly symmetrical faces, flawless skins and straight cute noses?

Right off to powder my shiney nose ;o)


Tackling the Muffin Top At Last

So, it’s time (well, I hope it’s time) for me to well and truly tackle that thing called ‘Baby weight’ or less attractively ‘Muffin Top’, but it could also be something scarily to do with my 40th appearing in August!

It’s not that I haven’t tried before, but a couple of things got in my way big time, and they weren’t all biscuits ;o)

Attempt 1: 6 months after Max was born I set an objective to return to my original size 10, 9.5stone.  I used the same techniques that I had used previously to drop from size 18 to size 10, and 3.5 stone.  However they didn’t work.  I was most bemused!  Until I realised that I had 3 problems.  Firstly, I had no interest in being size 10 again, due to the amount of effort and that I was suddenly finding Nigella Lawson and Charlotte Church way more attractive than slimmer celebs, plus I found I had no idea what my value systems were, having been through such a big change of having a child.

Attempt 2: About 1.5yrs ago I had another go, this time with a more acceptable aim of getting to 10.5 stone, which would get me a healthy BMI of 25 and remaining as a size 12.  However, it all went to pot again, for 2 reasons.  My work took off big time, and I was spending way too much time working.  Because I over worked, I got exhausted and had a nasty chest infection.  Plus, I now realise that the BMI is not such an important measure as Hip-to-waist ration and generally feeling OK in my own skin.

So here we are, attempt 3!  If I succeed, I hope to inspire other people to chop off the muffin top too.  If I don’t, at least you will learn from my mistakes ;o)

The objective is: 11st, size 12, BMI 26, much improved hip-to-waist ratio and my dresses fitting much more comfortably, so that I’m not needing ‘fat day clothes’ as I call them, that cover the muffin top.  Plus, I’d love to be way bouncier with Max, have more general energy and improve my work/life/play/rest balance.

I reckon I’m much more likely to succeed this time for a few reasons.

1) I’ve split my business into two and passed a great deal of the original ‘Dance of Life’ or very Demartini orientated work onto other people who have been training up in the UK.  (I was the first Demartini facilitator 7yrs ago, and other people have only started training up in the past 2yrs).  So I’m purely focussing on ‘The Mummy Whisperer’, hence giving me more time to fit exercise into a busy working Mums schedule!

2) I’ve got some professional help this time as well – 10weeks of someone whose business it is to know what type of exercise suits a nearly 40yr old woman with a kid (lots of pelvic floor stuff I expect!).

3) I have a much more achievable objective, which matches with what I value in life, and is maintainable.

So my pedometer is on, and my first objective is to achieve 6,000 steps per day and work up to 10,000.  I was really chuffed yesterday because I thought I had done 15,500, but then realised it was double counting – so just 7,500 :o(  Which might seem great, but yesterday was a ‘Max’ day, and today is a ‘Work’ day, which means I’m sitting on my butt, near a computer/phone for 9 hours!

Wish me luck!


Obviously this muffin top attempt failed due to my falling pregnant!  However, it did appear to work to a certain extent, because during the course of my pregnancy I only put on 1stone, which is a healthy gain if you started out over-weight to start off with.  I’ll be back and have another go at the muffin top, maybe in 6-12 months time!

If however you are tackling this subject at the point in time that you read this blog, then here are a couple of recommendations for you:

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b) Then pop over to my main site, there is an ebook and audio about New Years Resolutions which will help you.