Are You Struggling Financially?

With the current recession, there are some winners financially, but in general most people seem to be down 10-30% if they are lucky, and then there are those people who have lost even more.  Of course, it can appear even more difficult if you are a parent, because there are so many ‘necessities’ for the family to get.

The problem with getting stressed about money is that the ‘brain noise’ surrounding it, will then cloud your mind to the potential opportunities out there to help you, plus mean that you are spending a lot of time worrying about what is, versus appreciating what you have.

At the very least, I hope that this blog will help you to sit down and reduce the stress by realising that whatever the challenges currently, you do have a value filled life.  At best, if you then follow on with the links to more tips that I have, then you will actually start to bring in more money.

Money is undoubtedly a complicated and emotional subject.  I’ve been running a ‘Financial Breakthrough’ workshop for some time in my ‘other life’ as the UK’s most senior Demartini Facilitator.  It’s not a workshop about becoming a millionaire (there are already tonnes of those in the personal development market!).  It’s just about becoming financially healthy.  In the process of my studies I discovered that there are 3 aspects to personal finances.

Firstly is you and your relationship with money, i.e. do you know how to actually manage it practically in a way that will bring more in, rather than let more out?  I have created an introductory and FREE podcast with some of the information about this aspect for you.  If you follow it, I promise it will help, just as it did for my other clients: <click here>

Secondly is your relationship with your financial heroes who you think have been really successful, which means that you think that they are better than you, which means you are not seeing your own potential.  The number of times people have said to me that they wanted to be the next Richard Branson, but they seemed totally unaware of the trials and tribulations that he had been through.  When offered his hair, teeth, children who think he is a wombat for trying to kill himself in a balloon going to space, and having to sell his most loved business, they often think again ;o)

Thirdly is you and your relationship with your financial anti-heroes who told you that money was bad or rich people were horrid, or that you didn’t deserve it.  It is important to understand that money is just an energy that you can quickly transfer into any area of life, nothing more, nothing less.  So, if you can see how money would help everything you love in life, and why you deserve it, then you are more likely to attract it.

Here is a tip for you, to improve your weekend, and help you love your life more, about appreciating what you have got:

When you give your kids something and they are really grateful, isn’t it enjoyable?  Don’t you just want to give them more?  When you do something or give something, and in the next moment they are moaning about something else that they don’t have or want, isn’t it unpleasant?  Doesn’t it make you want to automatically refuse?

The world works like this too.  It doesn’t matter whether you look at it from a spiritual perspective of ‘attracting’ energy, or a scientific energy of matching vibrations (a thought is a vibration), or a psychological one of a self-fulfilling prophecy, it still works.

I’ll give you a couple of real life examples, so that you can understand the difference.

Someone I know really well, attended my whole financial workshop, and a few weeks ago angrily told me that she hadn’t got any more money despite following my tips on managing money, just as I had explained.  Now, firstly I do focus on having more VALUE in your life, as much as MONEY, because money is meaningless and can easily just disappear out the door again.  But secondly I asked her about the new clients that I knew she had got, with her new business.  Her attitude was that she was going to get them anyway.  However, her lack of appreciation and belief in herself had snuck in and affected the client relationships, quickly losing her some of the new clients.  Plus because of her attitude she was unlikely to get anymore from the person who had sent them to her (i.e. me!).  Don’t worry, I’m sure she is already getting her head around this ‘blip’ and will be back on track asap ;o)

Or there was the client running a business, who complained that her revenue hadn’t gone up in the past couple of months.  However, when I pointed out that her costs where less, and therefore over-all she was making more, PLUS she wasn’t DOWN like most people in her business, it helped her to see things differently.

In comparison, there is a lovely writer I know, who when you meet her exudes a feeling of ‘richness’, even though it is obviously not in financial wealth.  She is probably one of the ‘richest’ people that I know, with a wealth of knowledge, and fascinating people that she has met, plus a great eccentric husband and two gorgeous daughters.  It wasn’t going to be in her value system (see my other blogs, or <pod> about values) to get the money needed to fix her house (beautiful location, but requiring a HUGE overhaul).  But I’ve never heard her whinge about it, and sure enough it looks as though things will get sorted out by the insurance peeps.

For me, the decision to move my main focus away from my ‘Dance of Life’ business which was focussed on people who had studied with Dr John Demartini (from the hit movie & book ‘The Secret’), towards my ‘Mummy whisperer’ business has had a financial affect.  However, I wouldn’t give back the summer where I actually got to play more with my son, in comparison to last year.  Plus, the value of greater health and feeling better in myself is unmeasurable.  I’m able to help hubby with the stresses in his work, plus most importantly I’m concentrating more of my energy on growing another little person in my tummy ;o)  There are things that I would love to have money to buy, but I wouldn’t give up what I’ve gained.

So, what do you have in your life today?  A house?  Children?  Family members?  What are those kids like, what do you get from them, what do they give you (apart from the headaches!)?  I may not have parents, but I do have a brother who attempts to fill the gap, plus a son I was told was impossible when I was 19, and a house and car.

What do you do?  Do you work, part-time work, stay at home, have any hobbies?  What do you get from it?  I couldn’t not work for my own sanity, but I’m blinking lucky to be able to work part-time, even if it isn’t currently the most lucrative job in the world.

How is your health and body doing?  Look around you, why are you lucky for the body you have?  Mine has miraculously got me pregnant again at 40, which is pretty good going considering it’s not meant to have a fertile bone in it’s body!  I might be on the ‘curvy’ side, but it all works and is pretty sturdy ;o)

Where is your wealth?  Is it your friends?  Your knowledge?  Your skills and abilities?  Your family?  Your spirituality?  Your potential finances when your business idea gets off the starter blocks?  Your enjoyment of your job?

Go on, get a cuppa and sit down tonight before bed and have a think about what you HAVE got, versus what you haven’t got.  At the very least you will wake up a more content person.  At best, I might be right and over the next couple of months you’ll improve financially as well!

Here’s a link to my hints and tips on ‘Counting Your Blessings’ and ‘Finding the Silver Lining’ They will help you too.

If you can master them, then there is a book that I really recommend you reading (if you are really up for doing something about your situation, plus have the time – that’s the biggest difficulty of being a Mum).  It’s called ‘How to Make a Profit and Still Get to Heaven’ by Dr John F Demartini.  (If you are local to me, I have a few spare copies).

Let me know how you do and if you would like some more tips for finding the value in your life.


2 thoughts on “Are You Struggling Financially?

  1. Thanks so much for your awesoem tips! I completely agree that your outlook and attitude on life can completely affect your happiness level and feeling of “richness.” Thanks also for pointing out that money does not equal happiness and vice versa.

  2. Point one really struck a cord with me. There are a number of people who state “live in abundance,” and yet don’t take care of themselves or place a value on money. I have learned a number of difficult lessons regarding the value of money and what it can do for me in my life. I learn for me personally I had to pay myself first and become a manager of my money. If I didn’t manage it, I was very stress and felt quite controlled by it. When I allow it to control me, there is always more month at the end of my money than money at the end of my month. Thank you for sharing these valuable points about something we all need $$ for; clothing, food, transportation and shelter

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